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My sweet tooth has been a bother as of late and I’m trying to shake it.  Not a milkshake, a protein shake =p  As I write this I am enjoying a scrumptious marshmallow bar from Starbucks.  Sooo yummy.  But not the best for ya.  I have some short term goals in mind and would like to put them out into the universe.  Are you struggling with your current health & are ready for a small change?  Join me!  We can eat fruits & veggies together and show off our bikini bods this summer at the beach.  

Here is what I will accomplish in the short term.  Not plan to, will do:

Cut back on the sweet treats.  Double stuffed Oreos anyone?  Probably the hardest for me.  Sugary dessert is probably the best thing ever next to good sex.  Both in the same night is heaven!  I eat cookies and/or ice cream mmm almost every day but slowly want to cut back.  Not completely cut it out cus that leads to failure.  Just roll it back to a few times a week.  Easy breezy.  I’ve been trying more healthy juices and proteins to satisfy my hunger and cleanse my body as well.  Yay for Juice Crafters & Earthbar.  

Eating late at night.  Love me some late night french toast and watching my shows.  So relaxing.  But I find it messes with my sleep cycle a bit and gives you that weird full feeling right before bed.  I’ve been squelching this by taking a relaxing bubble bath at night and drinking some tea.

Pilates.  Hail holy pilates.  So great to strengthen and tone the body.  I’ve been back on the pilates kick again and attend classes in Hollywood and Santa Monica.

Yoga.  Meditation and yoga are tough for me as I am an avid over thinker and analyzer but I try to incorporate them more into my weekly routine.  Sometimes you need to deep breathe and let it go.  Also downward dog is my fav and a very sexy position I must add.  I get to stare at a hot grrl’s booty.  Yeah. 

Dance.  Feelin down?  Shake those hips.  Ballet and modern classes keep my adrenaline pumping and I ALWAYS leave class in a sweat with a big smile on my face.  Not to mention hot skinny grrls in leotards!  Here I go again… 

Be grateful.  A little birdie told me to always be grateful.  We don’t usually take the time to stop and think about the things we have or are truly grateful for.  I start the day with a relaxing shower and daily gratitude.  Even the small things in life can bring immense joy if you let them.  So simple!

Off to do some squats in yoga pants… Anyone want to be my spotter?


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