iHeart Health: Back 2 Basics

FullSizeRender-6So I have been on somewhat of a junk food binge as of lately.  Ugh!  Terrible, I know.  My default when I feel stressed is “food hugs” as people so eloquently name it.  You just cannot beat a big slice of chocolate cake and cookies n cream ice cream.  Ah, food heaven.  And big food orgasm.  But not so good for the body.  I need to treat my body more like a temple and less like an alley way dumpster.  A bit hyperbolic but you get the gist.  I am going back to basics and finding solace in nature.  To start I will embark on a 4 day cleanse with juice from Erewhon.  Fantastic detox from what I have heard from the reviews as well as those who have partaken!  I have been wanting to do this for a while and feel like now is a great time to restart my body compass and point it in the right direction.  Head North to good health!

1. Water – good ole H 2 0.  They say milk does a body good.  I disagree.  No cow milk for me. Just pure water.  Dance classes are great for me because I will down one or two big water bottles after class.  Also after a nice, long, hot shower… ice cold water is perfection.  It is about as basic as one can get and provides oxygenation and powerful cleansing.  I notice the difference in my skin complexion with the amount of water intake I consume.

2. Yoga/Pilates – Yoga works well for calming the mind.  My brain goes a million miles a minute so I am in need of a slow down once in a while.  Gotta hit that reset button.  Namaste.  Peace be with you.  I began taking a Pilates For Dancers class once a week now, and let me tell     you, it is quite the kick in the butt. Super amazing for the core.  I have seen a marked improvement in a few weeks and plan to go every week.  My balance and flexibility has been improving in the past couple months and its gonna get even better.  Gonna do the center splits for u guys soon… stay tuned!

3. Walks – as I mentioned in iHeart Melrose, I go on a morning stroll as much as I can.  It is a great benefit of living in West Hollywood.  The walking paths are very enjoyable!  It gets the heart pumping and blood flowing.  I go to Starbucks and get my yummy Soy Chai Latte or head over to Jamba Juice for my acai berry super antioxidant smoothie.  Breakfast of Champions I tell ya!

4. Sleep – sounds simple but rest is vital.  Your body needs time to relax and refresh.  I make a valiant effort to make sure I get enough sleep most nights.  Once in a while I pull an all nighter or cannot sleep, but overall I gladly put in 8 hours of rest.  It does a body really good.  I can definitely feel the lethargy when I fail to get enough shut eye.

5. Massages/Body Scrubs – treating yourself to a nice rub down once in a while is fun.  And it feels like nothing else.  I LOVE massages.  I love the power of touch and healing properties of bodywork.  Also getting body scrubs and facials is super fun and keeps the skin silky smooth.

6. Being kind to yourself – Most of this list is physical, but mental health is important to round out the balance in your life.  I make a conscious effort now to be kind to myself and tell myself I’m doing good.  You gotta cheer yourself on.  Life is pretty crazy sometimes.

Having a cupcake or some yummy ice cream once in a while is good and a real treat (I’m sure Mr Richard Avery would happily agree with me.  We both have quite the sweet tooth).  BUT gotta keep everything in balance and stay healthy.  Gotta keep that summer beach bod.


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