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NOTHING beats great sex with a guy.  Their masculine touch makes me weak in the knees.  Shooting boy/girl movies is by far my favorite.  Looking forward to lots of drrty movies including group play in the near future.  Give me a room full of guys with hard cocks and I will gladly oblige.  *Sensual Sigh*  Here are the top reasons I am starting to get quite excited in the nether regions.

  1. Facial Hair – love me some scruff.  So damn sexy!  I would say 3 days is the pinnacle.  Just a little bit of growth.  It’s not so short that it’s really rough and not so long as a full beard.  Also, it’s November!  Grow that ‘stache out for prostate cancer awareness.  A pun: I mustache you a question but I’m shaving it for later. (drum snare)
  2. Intellect – nerds rule the world.  And my heart.  Jocks have killer bodies drenched in muscle mass but have never been my fav type.  I like the bookworms who don’t know their appeal.  A bit of shyness is very quaint.  Also, I have recently gone back to college so we can study together and “study” some more.
  3. Ambition – entrepreneurs excite me.  They have a vision and are willing to take calculated risks to accomplish something big.
  4. Chivalry – It’s not dead!  And it definitely goes a long way.  On a basic level, treating women with respect will garner trust and bring you closer together.  The notions of pulling out a chair and opening the door are hopefully never shrouded in dust and forgotten.  When a guy cleans his car and smells really nice to come pick you up it is so damn cute.  Brownie points for sure.
  5. Confidence – Self confidence is uber sexy.  When the guy makes decisions he shows he can take care of business.  Or when he says you look damn good and you blush.
  6. Masturbation – jerking off, cleaning the pipes, giving yourself a hand.  I LOVE watching guys jerk off.  Either on video or in person.  It makes me happy that they are receiving intense pleasure from it and it’s a pleasure in return to watch.  I also gleam with joy when a guy emails me to say he finished to one of my porn scenes.

Well, looks like me and my trusty vibrating friend will have some fun tonight fantasizing.  Or maybe I’ll get lucky and snag a hot date.  A girl can hope…


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