iHeart Grrls: Actresses

I am very vocal about my affinity toward the male persuasion BUT who doesn’t love a soft, sensual encounter with the female form.  I definitely do.  Gently kissing a woman from head to toe and feeling her soft skin is magical.  Not to mention a fantastic way to spend the afternoon if I do say so myself.  Hang on a second, may need to call a grrl friend or two to come over and join my dance party today.  I have a few in mind… 

These are my television and movie crushes.  And who I tend to think about while happily rubbing one out before bedtime… 

Zoe Saldana – I am seeing a Live By Night matinee in a bit and am VERY excited to see Zoe on the big screen.  Her exotic seductiveness catches me and pulls me in like a big grrl magnet.

Sarah Rafferty – She plays Donna on my current TV obsession Suits.  Harvey’s witty, beautiful legal secretary.  The fiery red hair matches her personality and my attraction to her charm.

Keira Knightley – I’ve had my wandering eye on her since the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie premiered.  And her accent to boot.  Sigh.

Evan Rachel Wood – One word- Westworld.  I know!  A very good actress who I think has a very fun kinky, playful side.  I’ll bring the blindfold.

I may have worked myself up a bit.  Be back soon (wink wink)…


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