iHeart Gifts: Amazon Wishlist!

IMG_6030“Bitches Love Cake” -Borgore

The feeling of opening the door and seeing a box from Amazon at your doorstep is like no other!  Christmas comes early.  I very much enjoy the pleasure of receiving surprises.  Boxes of all sizes.  My main interests have always been dance and art so many items on my wishlist support that.  Ah, and some little naughty things as well.  Can’t forget about those!  It makes a grrl happy.  Feel free to peruse my list and grant me a few fun items.  I will smile from ear to ear and jump up and down.  I have been beginning to delve into my artwork quite frequently now so it is quite the adventure.  As for the realm of pleasurable toys, I like light and simple.  Robes are always great to lounge around in at home.  Lace and shiny silk anything is definitely on the top of my list.  Leggings are pretty much the majority of my wardrobe so those are always a plus.  There is a store named World Of Leggings here on Melrose by my house and it is paradise!  Definitely going to stop by there later today.  To look around… ok maybe to buy a couple things.  I have also been frequenting my dance classes.  So much enjoyment!  Comfy spandex and hours of cardio are a great combination.  And it assists in keeping a killer summer body.  Gotta wear that cute bikini to the beach so I can get a yummy ice cream cone.

My Wishlist has been updated… take a look!!




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