iHeart Fleshbot: Masturbation



In honor of the awesome Fleshbot article written about my recent scene with Kink for Fucking Machines, I’d like to take a moment to rub one out and talk about one of my very favorite things… masturbation!

I was a very late bloomer.  Did not kiss a guy until college.  Wild I know!  But once I started I’ve never looked back and am peaking sexually more now than ever before.  

In high school I would sneak away like a girl ninja to the restroom and gently rub my nipples to a Sasha Grey blowjob video.  The good ole days!

Now it has become a nightly routine.  I take a super long relaxing shower and rub one out before bedtime.  It’s always a must.  I start by closing my eyes and thinking of my very favorite thing, giving fellatio to a guy.  I am a giver and a pleaser as I LOVE watching a guy get very excited and his cock get very hard.  It is the ultimate turn on.  I normally think about this when I start.  I use two fingers and rub the top of my clit and think about my soft tongue slowly going up and down his shaft.  Such an enjoyable moment.  I happily climax and roll over to have sweet dreams.

I usually use my vivid imagination or a literotica story to get going, and sometimes find some pictures or artwork on the internet.  Sometimes I use my trusty friend Mrs Magic Wand but usually the soft touch of the fingers is best.  Nice and slow.

Twitter: @fleshbot, @kinkdotcom 

Well I may have gotten myself too excited so need to go rub one out as we speak.  Sweet Dreams!


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