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In honor of my recent podcast with The Average Mo, I have been finding myself in rare fashion lately and watching a lot of shows.  An idle mind is the devil’s playground.  Here is the link to the fun podcast of More With Mo: (CLICK HERE)

These shows top the list of what I am currently binging on:

Suits – USA.  I’m a bit surprised I never knew of this show before now.  It’s so addictive!!  I went back to the beginning and watched all 6 seasons.  Law firm shows usually don’t tickle my fancy but this one has a good story.  And Donna, Harvey’s secretary, is uber sexy.  

Desus & Mero – Viceland.  This is a hilariously awesome news show.  My favorite part is the “rainbow,” words to live by.  

Schitt’s Creek – Pop.  This Canadian comedy is punny and quite enjoyable.  I like the riches to rags play on life and family.

Banshee – Cinemax.  I am just beginning this series but from the trailer it looks like it’s dripping with action and sultry undertones.

Quarry – Cinemax.  Cannot wait for the next season.  It sucks when you finish a good show and must wait in wild anticipation for the continuation of the story.

Black Mirror -Ugh.  So X a million good.  Such a good mirror (pun intended) of today’s society and where it is rapidly going with the narcissism and obsession with advancing technology. 

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Off to find some more good shows to watch.  Wanna come snuggle up on the couch with me?? *.* 


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