iHeart 2017: Bucket List

Do you make a New Year’s Resolution every year?  Do you make a bucket list??  I never really did until now but it is a little fun!  Writing down your short and long term goals brings the ideas to life and sets them in motion to happen…




With no further ado here are the to-dos that top MY list: 

BLOW BANG – I want to pleasure a bunch of guys wearing a tutu.  Ah a grrl can only dream =p 

TRAVEL- Definitely want to travel more.  I have only been a few places total in my life and need to spread my little wings and venture out.  I’d like very much to take advantage of the small breaks I have in between semesters of college to see new cities and breathe in new life.  Maybe a European rendezvous in Barcelona to see the work of Gaudi and the majesty of its mosaic art.

ANOTHER YR OF COLLEGE DOWN- ALMOST DONE!!– I am so close to finishing my Accounting Degree!  Then I will be on my way to study for my MBA.  I think I shall wear a sexy secretary outfit to study in.  Maybe a nice A-line skirt and a ponytail perhaps??… 

$AVE – A little birdie told me to save more moneys so I finally listened.  Putting that porno money to good use and gonna buy myself a cute, cozy house.

ETSY– Definitely opening my Etsy Store for my mosaics this coming year.  Will let ya know!  You can buy a nice piece for your garden or to adorn your home.

POINTE– I have built my physical strength back and would like to take a pointe class.  It has been long time coming!  Love embracing the dancing bug.  

Off to cross some of these off the list…


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