iHeart 2016: Goals

ohhey2016 is shaping up to be a kick ass year.  I have been having quite a fun time since joining Juliland last year.  The creative bug has struck me and my dancer and artist side is taking shape once again.  Here are my top ten goals for the year.  Go baby go.

Gang Bang – I have recently shot some hardcore movies that I cannot wait to share with you guys!  I want to explore my fetishes some more and engage in tantalizing group play.  Whether it be three guys or a room full of ten, I say yes please!! I promise to be a good grrl.

Ballerina Porn – Definitely want to incorporate my dancer side into my movies.  I have yet to really make this happen but this is the year.  I can do the splits again (flexibility is back and better than ever- yay!) and am eager to shake my little booty and do some sensual stretches.  Anyone up for some sex yoga?
P.S. Ballerina gang bang is my ultimate wish.  Let’s make this happen soon.  I’m ready.

Health Detox – I have been delving into Ayurvedic medicine as of lately and am fascinated with keeping a healthy, pure lifestyle as much as I possibly can.  Our body is a temple and should be handled with care.  I consciously drink more water and eat more of the green stuff.  Also, triphala is AMAZING for digestion and everyday detox.  I take it once a day and have seen a marked improvement in digestion primarily.  I have been looking into do a five day cleanse with herbs and feel like it is time to make it a reality.  Namaste.

Social Media Detox – Oh Twitter.  And Instagram.  How our love/hate relationship toils so.  I find myself pondering the question ‘How long could I really go without checking any of my social media?’  It is a big part of our everyday life now.  Once in a while I think it rocks to take a week to yourself and relax.  This encompassing no social media.  Just go to the beach and listen to music and make art.  Feed the creative plant of your soul.  Much needed ‘me’ time is in the horizon.

College – Yes it’s true!  I am a student once again and am going back to school.  I have my short plaid skirt and white shirt all ready!  Hopefully I don’t get in trouble with the handsome teacher (*wink wink*).  I am finishing my Bachelor’s degree in business and moving onto an MBA.  It is mostly for a personal achievement level and to see where it takes me.  It would make me content.
P.S. I am not leaving the porn industry in any way.  Still doing my thing and shooting.  Just studying at the same time. Phew!

Vacation – I want to take a week or two to myself and go exploring.  I did a blog on the cities I’d love to visit… which destination to go to first is the big question of the day!  I have never been out of the country so I need to pop my travel cherry.

Photoshoots – more Juliland shoots pretty please!  I have my black lipstick and latex all ready in my bag.  Dick Avery and I have a lot of fun shooting (I think he just likes when I bring him yummy donuts).

Magazine – Looking to shoot a spread for a magazine.  In the works!

Music Video – I involve myself as much as I can in the music scene and would LOVE to be part of the production or featured in a band’s music video.

Next Time Art Blog – I want to expand my art blog Next Time.  Coming soon are interviews with dancers, musicians, artists on what makes them click and their thoughts on the current art ‘scene.’  Local shows are also on the list.  Feed your imagination and check out my art blog HERE.

I think that’s a pretty darn good list.  Time to be proactive and make it a reality… Off I go!…


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