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IMG_2452The store I know and love.  Good ole Target.  They literally have EVERYTHING so who can go wrong.  One quirk I do have about Target is I won’t order from the Starbucks if they have one inside.  It is probably psychosomatic but it’s just not the same.  Serena and I frequent the store and buy a lot of “supplies” for shooting.  Clothing, panties (sexy lace ones too!), lube, baby wipes.  You name it.  They have a pretty darn good selection of knee high socks as well.  Serena mentions she gets seasonal items for her various cam shows.  Valentine’s day hearts, fun Halloween socks etc etc.

One super fun thing is trying things on in the dressing room.  I feel the strong need to try everything on before I buy it because it is very difficult to shop for clothing.  My body is hourglass shaped and my legs are on the longer side.  I look for jeans and pants to hug my booty and shirts to make my small, natural breasts look great.

How often do you go to Target?  I will admit I go at least once a week.  Gotta get my fix in.  It may be an addiction.  I think I need help…

Off to go shop now!  I have my red tote bag all ready to go…

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