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FullSizeRender-2Welcome back all you podcast lovers.  Serena Blair and I are back for another season of Grrl Talk.  Tomorrow marks our return and new episodes are out every Tuesday.  We couldn’t resist so we are bringing you more fun, guests, games & more.  Also happy to announce we are now on iTunes so subscribe today.  Enjoy!!

Most of us are slaves to social media.  It is hard to get away from.  Remember good ole Myspace and when “Tom” was everyone’s friend?  Those were the days of glitter pics and AOL instant messaging.  Now Twitter is big for the porn industry because of its allowability of nsfw pics.  And Instagram, which happens to be my personal favorite, is a fun way to keep a scrapbook of fotos.  Although they still do not allow nudity of any kind spearheaded by the #freethenipple movement, IG is foto centric and very fun to browse.

There are pros and cons to everything in life.  Social media is a great way to keep in touch with your fans and keep them updated on your work and whereabouts.  It is also a gigantic time waster at times and somewhat of a black hole.  It’s all about the balance.  I ween off of it for a few days when I feel it is too much.  Take a short vacation if you will.  Also, if you are a fan on Twitter please be respectful to the nice ladies that post pics and links for you.  We very much appreciate the great supporters.

Serena and I have a presence on Twitter, Instagram and our respective Juliland websites.  Check them out and share with a friend!!

Thanks for all the support too.  You guys rock.

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