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IMG_2196Laying in bed in the glow after having sex feels, well, pretty amazing.  The endorphins are running and you’re all sweaty.  A little sweat is uber sexy to me.  What is the weirdest sound you’ve heard a partner make in the heat of pleasure?  Primal animal sounds sometimes come out.  I’ll let out a grrr or meow at times after I orgasm.  Has your partner ever high-fived you?  That is pretty darn fun. A little “good game!”

Drrty talk is something I enjoy very much.  It ramps up the fantasy and ultimate moment of pleasure.  Giving blowjobs is my ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do.  Knowing a guy is receiving something that makes him moan in euphoria is very exciting.  Turns me on to no end.  I like accompanying it with telling him how hard his cock is and how much I want it.

I am making myself excited.  Might need to go rub one out…

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  • Max Spacer

    “Primal animal sounds” are nature’s soundtrack to compassionate copulation.