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FullSizeRender-5If you live in Los Angeles, you probably know or at the very least have encountered those we lovingly call hipsters.  What is a hipster to you?  Serena and I were having lunch one day, at a gluten free pizza place no less (ding!) while both of us showed up in flannel shirts.  We immediately looked at each other and proclaimed, “Yep! We’re hipsters.” Just embrace it.  We had a good laugh. It has been the age of going against whatever the ‘man’ is and keeping up with being ‘cool.’  This is wildly apparent in Hollywood and surrounding Los Angeles areas.  Beards on men is a little much at times, I myself prefer some scruffy facial hair.  Yes please!

How much does a hipster weigh?…   An instagram.

Buzzfeed has a little quiz.  Exactly how hipster are YOU?

PlayBuzz has another fun one

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