GrrlTalk! Grrl Trouble


IMG_1238Being a grrl is rough.  I am a self proclaimed optimist so being female DOES have its perks.  Masturbation & rubbing my nipples is quite enjoyable.  So much so I engage in it on a daily basis.  I also like getting dolled up.  Serena admits she is a more all natural kinda grrl.  I am for the most part.  But it’s great to put on a pretty dress and adorn some nice red lipstick.  Makes ya feel beautiful.  A few dressing tips.  Brown mailing tape works great for pasties if you don’t have a strapless bra at the moment.  Hides the perky nipples.  Sad I know but society frowns upon it.  Those conservatives.  Also tea tree oil and aloe vera are super amazing at healing skin anything.  I always have an aloe vera plant in my house just in case.  My grandma taught me that.  Getting the nails done is a bit time consuming but picking out colors and getting a foot massage is the best part!

Guys- tell ur grrl she looks beautiful and great in those jeans.  She’ll blush and appreciate it.  She puts in a lot of work to look good for ya.  Buy her some nice lacey lingerie.



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