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FullSizeRender-7The animal kingdom is a wild place.  Literally.  Serena Blair is the animal expert out of the both of us so she enlightened me about some fun facts regarding animals and their sex habits.  It takes me back to the infamous Bloodhound Gang song… “You and me baby ain’t nothin but mammals so let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel…”

I was browsing Buzzfeed and found these mind-blowing facts about Animal Sex.  Find the full list HERE. Enjoy some of my favorite facts:

1.  Bonobos have sex or share food instead of fighting.  Such loving creatures!

2.  If pandas are a big reluctant to mate they view panda porn to get in the mood.

3.  The largest penis goes to… drum roll… the whale.  But hey, who says size matters.

4.  Alligators spend most of their lives with an erection.  Yikes!  I’d need a break once in a while.

5.  Kangaroos have three vaginas.

6.  Echidnas have a four-headed penis and use two heads at a time, rotating ea time they mate.  How convenient!

7.  Snails have sperm darts they shoot at mates to impregnate them.  Bullseye.

8.  Male manakins channel Michael Jackson and moonwalk to attract a mate.

9.  Instead of penises sharks have a clasper.  Ouch!

10.  Male honey bees sadly lose their penis during an explosive ejaculation.  It rips off and they fall to their death.  Yikes.

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