Grrl Talk!_e09 – Masturbation


Yo!  What do you get when you mix two sexy, smart grrls & Richard Avery?  You get Juliland Radio’s newest Podcast Show GRRL TALK! starring the sassy Nikki Next & Serena Blair.  The idea is simple: pick a topic and talk about it till we get tired.  Yes, it’s that simple.  Listen in and you just might learn something new or nothing at all, but I know you will have fun no matter what!  This week’s topic… Masturbation

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  • David Butler

    So do u like guys watching u masterbate

    • Nikki Next

      I enjoy when guys watch me masturbate. Or if we do it in tandem together. Makes it exciting.

  • Nikki Next

    i LOVE watching guys masturbate. Turns me on.