Beverly Hills Art Show

I had a wonderful time meandering around the maze of the Beverly Hills Art Show.  I had driven down Santa Monica Blvd a number of times a couple months prior to this show admiring the banners promoting the event.  I waited in full anticipation to attend it this weekend.  And it definitely did not disappoint!  It is being a hungry kid in a candy store for art lovers.  Your mouth heavily salivates at the mere sight of all the well-crafted artwork.  It spans a few blocks of Santa Monica Blvd in the heart of Beverly Hills and is held twice per year, once in spring and once in fall.  I am looking forward to going again this fall and purchasing a couple pieces.  The vast variety of artists makes it interesting for anyone to attend and find something that sparks their interest.  Or tickles their fancy if you will.  There were a couple hundred artists showcasing their work from what I observed.  Anywhere that celebrates art and culture gets an A++ in my book!

I have been a creative soul since birth and have dabbled in a few different mediums in art.  I currently enjoy learning mosaic glass design and drawing in colored pencil.  Both are in abstract styles.  The more bizarre the better.  I hope to further my study of seeing art around the world and, of course, making some eye-appealing art in the near future.  I am currently working with a mosaic artist to perfect my craft and taking local drawing/ design classes in Los Angeles.  Super fun!!

Although there were many SUPERB artists to choose from, a couple artists caught my wandering eye and made me stop to engage in a quick conversation.  One was Sergey Bagramyan.  His Etsy store is  He creates breathtaking fairy tale creatures that look like they came out of a very twisted storybook.  Just my style!  Surrealism lovers will rejoice in his work. There was also some beautiful glass work by an artistic duo that made me stop to look at more.  They are Bob and Laurie Kliss from Kliszewski Glass.  Their website is They make exquisite teapots and a series of flowers titled BOBtanicals.   I am partial to these styles as I mentioned previously so I will definitely be making some purchases from these artists to decorate my place.

We have been lucky to experience beautiful weather in Los Angeles this week so it was a nice day to walk around and see all the fantastic art.  This was my first time attending this particular show.  I have only been to one other outdoor art show, that being the Huntington Beach art walk.  It was great to expand my portfolio of knowledge and see more art.  It always pushes me to create more.  As artists we are all encouraging and inspiring each other.



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