AMAZON Wishlist!

IMG_2403“I am spoiled, it’s true.  I don’t even know how to use that thing in the kitchen with the burners.”
-Cindy Margolis

I absolutely love getting packages in the mail.  It is fun to unwrap a box and see what is hidden inside.  Always a fun little surprise!  It is like Christmas in Hollywood.  A grrl likes to be spoiled once in a while.  I frequently update my wishlist so check in when you feel the urge.  The urge to splurge.  (Sorry I had to)

Some items that are common to my wishlist are leggings and art supplies.  I own one solitary pair of jeans and a closet full of leggings.  With ample room for more of course.  They fit perfectly because I have long legs and a small waist so pants are super hard to shop for.  Also, Prismacolor colored pencils and paper is a constant in my life as I am an artist.  I love to draw and create and have an ongoing need for supplies to feed my passion.  Sexy, lacey lingerie is always welcome and will be gladly worn.  I am a 32A (or 32B since A cups are tough to find sometimes) and size small.

I have received a few things so far from my wishlist and get super excited when the FedEx man walks up and delivers my package.  It is exciting to guess what it is.  So much fun !!

Here is my wishlist:



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