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5415475_719I have recently done a handful of shoots for Amateur Teen Kingdom and ATK Girlfriends.  They were one of the very first companies I worked with when I dipped my toes into the adult industry a little over one year ago.  Needless to say they were excited when I announced my triumphant return to shooting.  It is a company I very much enjoy working for and plan on continuing to work with a lot in the future. It has become the company I have done the most work with to date.  Their shoots are a LOT of fun because I get a chance to try on a bunch of different sexy and casual outfits for the photo sets.  We play music and I dance around and tease the camera.  I engross myself in the moment and lose myself in front of the camera.  Do a little tease if you will.

I love working with ATK because they embrace natural beauty.  I have no tattoos, piercings, or plastic surgery and am very proud of that.  Anyone that celebrates blank canvases gets two big thumbs up in my book!  I have also grown my bush out a bit for a couple if their shoots as well as plan to in the future.  It is something that is getting harder and harder to come by in this day and age.

I got the chance last month to jet set to Las Vegas for my first ATK Girlfriends virtual date shoot.  Had a blast in Sin City.  We enjoyed a nice dinner and saw Cirque de Sol Mystere.  So good!  I had previously only seen Ka as far as the Cirque shows go so it was a real treat for me.  “O” was unavailable when we went as it was a blackout date (big sad face!) but Mystere was beyond fantastic.  The acrobatics and grandness of the shows never cease to tantalize me. The night we got back from dinner and a show we had some fun on the balcony.  The guest in the balcony below us might have possibly seen me rubbing one out in the nude.  I saw him peer up for a couple instances.  It makes it hotter to me since I am such a proclaimed exhibitionist so I wanted to continue for a while.  We proceeded to do a blowjob on that balcony, which is something I can now happily cross off my sex bucket list.  But do not get me wrong, I would scream out in pleasure if the opportunity to do it arose again.  The trip was also the first time in a while I had the chance to travel by plane, even though it was a very quick 40 minute flight from Los Angeles to Vegas. I seldom travel since I am a huge homebody so it is always a real treat for me!  I cannot wait for the next date.  We are going to branch out and go somewhere exotic.  Stay tuned!

You can check out my work on their websites,

Woo Hoo!!  My panties are soaked thinking about the many times I have rubbed one out in front of their camera.  More great fun to come too!


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