A Few Guilty Pleasures

lipsI was listening to the Heidi and Frank Show the other day (awesome morning show on KLOS) and heard an interview with Lawler and Condit regarding their upcoming UFC fight in January. They told the morning crew their guilty pleasure songs- “Waterfalls” by TLC and “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga.  Nice choices gentlemen.  Who knew?!  We all have guilty pleasures.  We fight to wrap them in secret.  These are a few of mine.  All of which bring me immense pleasure- almost as much as good sex… but not quite.  Nothing beats great sex.

Anyway, here we go:

1.  Songs = I blast these songs in the car and enjoy every minute of it.

Selena Gomez – Come & Get It
One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed
Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
Vanessa Hudgens – Let’s Dance

2.  Katy Perry = She gets her own category.  My fav song is Teenage Dream.  Anyone close to me knows of my super-fan fascination of Katy Perry.  I had a signed poster of her in my first apartment.  Yep.  I also scoured the internet for tickets and drove to Vegas from LA to see her concert and drove back that night.  The California girl vibe is perfection.

3.  Sweets = Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream and Milano cookies top my list.  So much chocolate goodness and so yummy!  Also, if you give me a package of Double Stuff Oreos it will not last.  Sweet gluttony.

4.  Online Personality Quizzes on BuzzFeed = What’s your spirit animal?  What character are you (insert show or movie)?  I freakin love quizzes.  I get excited at the end when the little circle goes around and it is calculating.  Seemed fitting they had one on guilty pleasures (click here).

5.  Perez Hilton = I rarely read about celebrity gossip because it is always the same stuff but once in a while I get an urge to peruse Perez’s site.  You get suckered into a tunnel of juicy stories and realize you’ve been on the site for a couple hours.  Just me?

6.  UFC = I buy the fights and watch them at home in my panties.  Quite the night of enjoyment for me.  I’ve been getting more into it lately too.  I just love watching super masculine men fight each other.  It is so primal and sexy.  Also, MMA and boxing inspires me to have more self-discipline and work hard.

7.  Jigsaw Puzzles = I love me a good puzzle.  Corner pieces first, then the clusters of colors in the middle.  I have a puzzle mat too to roll it up and continue it later.  My twilight zone moment would be to almost finish a puzzle and discover there are two pieces missing.  Holy OCD.

8.  Podcasts = Harland Williams Highway tops the list.  I find him hilarious.  I listen to a decent sized catalog of shows including Adam Carolla, Heidi and Frank, Joe Rogan, NPR and others sprinkled in here and there.  One of the best parts of my day is relaxing and catching up on my shows.

Time to go have some fun!


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