10 Reasons Why I Love Living in Santa Monica

nn_smblogSanta Monica is a great oasis for me and a fantastic city.  When I lived in Orange County my friends told me I needed to move to West Los Angeles. The whimsical nature of it fits me well.  The vibrance of the little boutiques and places to eat and shop inspires me to do more of my art. These are the main reasons it makes me happy to call Santa Monica my home.

1. PCH – It’s only a few short blocks away. Coasting down PCH and blaring my favorite playlist is very relaxing. Clears my head.

Side note – there is a really good restaurant called the Reel Inn that posts a pun on their sign every day. I enjoy reading them when I pass by. My favorite is “Wu Tang Clam.”

2. Malibu is a short drive – I go up to Malibu when I can to have a nice breakfast or lunch.  Their beaches are more secluded which is nice sometimes. I can dip my toes in the sand or sit on the rocks for a little bit to chill.

3. You can walk everywhere – I usually only drive if I am leaving town. I can walk across the street to the grocery store or a few blocks to go shopping. So convenient! And if you need to get back home quick there is always Uber.

4. Whole Foods is everywhere! – I love me some good organic health food so having a plethora of Whole Foods is great.  I buy most of my ready-made lunches and dinners from there. And their bakery- so yummy!

5. Weather. – West Los Angeles weather.  75 with clear skies. Cannot beat it.

6. Two words: The Beach – The sound of the waves crashing is probably the most relaxing sound on the planet.  Also a great place to walk or ride a bike.  Gotta get that exercise.

7. Safe – feeling safe and secure is important to me.  I feel safe walking at night.  Girls need to be careful!

8. Farmer’s Market – Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a fantastic farmer’s market at the promenade.  I get all my yummy fruits and vegetables there.  And sunflowers when they have them.  They don’t last very long but are beautiful.

9. Third Street Promenade – I frequent the promenade to grab breakfast or just walk around and window shop.  I do my best not to spend too much money!

10. The street performers at the Promenade – it is always interesting to see different people showcasing their talents.  I very much enjoy the silver painted gladiator man. He always makes me smile.

I love this city !!

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